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Les billets du mois de Septembre 2006
le mail qui fais plasir
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Posté le 28 09 2006 à 20h34
voilà le mail que je viens de recevoir, et je dois dire que ça fais vachement plaisir :

Dear Web Designer or Domain Owner,
WEB DESIGN INDEX - permission request URL: www.bluegraph.com

I am the editor of the well known WEB DESIGN INDEX
(www.webdesignindex.org), in which more than 1000 selected web pages
will be reproduced. Included with the book will be a CD-Rom
containing the images of the book, and a one-click link-up facility
to the respective sites. The book will be published beginning 2007 by
The Pepin Press in Amsterdam (www.pepinpress.com), and will be
distributed worldwide.

With each design, there will be a credit line with the web address
and - if known to us - the name of the designer and/or design studio
and email address.
On the copyright page in the book will be stated that the copyright
to the designs rests with the respective designers or site owners.

I am pleased to inform you that the page (url above), of which you
are listed as the designer or owner, has been selected for inclusion
in the book.

Would you please:

A. Let us know if there is any objection against us reproducing this


B. Could you provide the following information:

1. Correct URL:
2. Name of the designer:
3. Name of the programmer:
4. Name of the producer:
5. Name of the design company:
6. Contactmail or URL:
7: Country:

With thanks for your cooperation and kind regards,
Flux RRS
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